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If you want the best, you have to use the best, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

At Muldoon’s Coffee, we import only top grade Arabica specialty green coffee beans. Using traditional artesian roasting, we slow roast our coffees individually in small batches to develop the best characteristics of each varietal. Our slow roasted coffees are meticulously cupped daily by our roast master, to guarantee the best experience for our customer.

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Best coffee around. If your office is getting coffee from another supplier, they're making a mistake. If you buy your coffee or espresso at Costco, you're making a mistake.
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Muldoon's is always very patient. Moreover, the Muldoon's Coffee staff whom I encountered are very helpful and patient as well. They've impressed me as very smart and considerate staff, they have anticipated my needs before I realized it was time to ask. They are all very helpful and nice people.
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It is simply the freshest, the hottest and the best tasting coffee we have ever had – and Muldoons coffee is not killing the planet like virtually every other coffee option on the market.
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One of the things we appreciate most about Muldoon's is that we don't have to wait long for service. It is always fast, extremely fast actually, and ridiculously reliable.
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Received delivery this morning, realized I forgot to request something, contacted Customer Care, they had the additional item in my office within hours. Very impressed. They have really perfected their office coffee craft.
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Your Customer Care team has been amazing, accommodating my requests and taking care of everything quickly, conveniently and nicely. Muldoon’s Coffee has been appreciated at our company. It’s the best Office Coffee Company we have worked with to date.
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Anyone who looks forward to that first cup of coffee when they arrive at the office appreciates this. The staff are always pleasant, courteous, and helpful. Many thanks to everyone at Muldoon's for a job extremely well done.
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Muldoons is not only absolutely fantastic coffee, but they offer timely and fantastic customer service. From their variety of different blends too easy to use machines, Muldoons is sure to make your office a productive and happy environment. Can't wait for my next cup already...
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Always very pleasant to deal with. Great turnaround time. Reliable, and gets things done quickly. Keeping the customer in the loop at all times!!
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It's been some time since I had a customer service experience like I just did at Muldoon's. I can tell you that I will be a returning customer too. From the moment I walked into their store I was treated like the best customer they had ever had.
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Muldoon's was extremely helpful!! They took the time to give me a call to help clarify questions I had about ordering and answered them all. Muldoon's was very friendly and informative!
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You were great! Very accommodating, great customer service and community support with a lovely gift basket for our charity golf tournament for Ontario Special Olympics.
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They are willing to get items to you when in a pinch, have a wide variety of options, and have a great team of people working hard to keep the business moving forward.
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I like the fact that their's always a quick response, and always a call from customer service to check if I forgot make an order for Monday morning delivery, in which sometime I do forget.
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Your detailed reply, and the time and effort put into the response was wonderful. I can certainly see why Muldoon's has been so successful, it's not only because they have the best hand roasted coffee blends, but because of their outstanding customer service.
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We were almost right out of paper towels and Muldoon's assured me that they would be delivered tomorrow morning. Muldoon's is an excellent example of what customer service should be!
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Received delivery this morning, realized I forgot to request something, contacted Muldoon's, they had the additional item in my office within hours. Very impressed.
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Every time I have ever needed anything, whether it be a rush order, or help I have always been helped and I am very pleased with the customer care they provide.
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Prompt response. Very efficient, confirms when delivery will be made so we can plan to receive it. Muldoon's even sent an e-mail well after business hours instead of following up the next morning. Thanks.
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Here's what Wowed me: - Your prompt, clear response to all my inquiries - You called me right away to confirm when you were unsure - You provided me with all the info I needed in terms of Muldoon's contact, etc.
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Muldoon's is amazing! The level of customer service is above and beyond that of any other companies that I deal with. Whenever a problem arises, Muldoon's is quick to offer a solution or investigate further. They are quick to offer empathy and a sincere apology, never an excuse!
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Great coffee at excellent prices. The standard for customer service can be found here.
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I enjoy having Muldoon's as our condiment supplier, they have the best coffee and wonderful, courteous service all the time! Also, I must say Thank you to Muldoon's for consistently being polite.
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These guys are actually the best. Hands down the best customer service from a coffee company that I've ever experienced.
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Muldoon's is always a pleasure to talk to! When I don't have time to call, I always get a prompt, friendly & helpful reply via e-mail. On a scale of 1 to 10, Muldoon's is at least a 12! 🙂
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Thank you Muldoon's for all your help in my orders and inquiries. You're always calling back for follow up to make sure everything okay. Your positive attitude and your constant willingness to help out is much appreciated. You're awesome!
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As the child of two extremely loyal Muldoon's coffee drinkers, I was lucky enough to grow up around quality coffee. My education and employment took me from Toronto to New York, and searching for the balance of quality and affordability Muldoon's was impossible to find – even in New York!
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As usual, Muldoon's has been very helpful. I submitted a service request and a few minutes later I had an email in my inbox and a technician at my door. That's great service and not only I appreciate it, but all the 450 coffee lovers in our business unit. Thank you for making our day brighter!
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Over the year that we have interacted with Muldoon's, they have always provided timely, friendly and attentive service regarding the orders we place. We are a team of 260 people and we know we can count on our daily cups of Muldoon's coffee and tea. We love the wide selection of flavours!
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I would just like to say that anytime there has been a problem I have had nothing but the best of response.. everyone is very friendly and professional. Always quickly fixed and taken care of immediately . Thanks again
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Muldoon's doesn't just answer my questions with a basic response but rather responds in a way that makes me feel like a valued customer. I sincerely appreciate all that Muldoon's does for me and the way they handle my concerns and the speed of their response.
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Muldoon's takes initiative to ensure I have correct and up to date information. I am confident that my needs in terms of ordering and customer service are taken care of with Muldoon's.
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I randomly went into Muldoons to try a different supplier of roasted beans. Was VERY impressed with their facility. In the back they have a huge warehouse with piles upon piles of giant bags of beans, and on-site roasting equipment. Lots of variety to choose from...
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An enormous selection of every flavor you can think of coffee pods. Prices are definitely better than anywhere else. And the friendly extremely helpful staff is always there ready to guide you if need be. Would definitely recommend for all office purchases or for personal home coffee consumption.
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Muldoon's always goes above and beyond to ensure my orders are correct and that any of my brewing system needs are taken care of. Exceptional service from all the members of the Muldoon's team! Thank you!
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...Over many years I have had coffee from all of the popular coffee shop chains, multiple Keurig brands and flavours, and other brands that can be bought in a grocery store. For all of those years, I just "liked" coffee; Then came Muldoon's. Oh ya, they are also a great team with great service 👍🏻. Enjoy!
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Muldoon's always makes sure I don't miss my deadlines to order and that we have everything we need. They're fantastic! They respond immediately and answer all my questions.
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Muldoon's is always so efficient in their responses to emails and is always a pleasure to speak with. They are very courteous and professional. We love your coffee so much and the service is fabulous - thank you!
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Very fast response and helped with everything and more I needed. I got a response on how to fix my coffee machine right away! Crisis avoided. Always amazing service.
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I requested an item I had forgot to order on our bi-weekly order. It came that very same day! Very prompt service. Always an amazing help! Pleasant to work with.
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Always proactive and checking on our needs. Muldoon's is always very helpful whether on the phone or by e-mail. Always excellent customer service.





100% Arabica Beans

Let's Talk Coffee

Muldoon’s coffees taste great because they are slow-roasted in small batches and obsessively fine-tuned. Every roast is tested by our roast master; this care is a direct reflection of our dedication to our customers.

Our coffees come in a variety of roasts and flavours, from light to dark roasts. Our fresh roasted estate coffees also blend well with specialty coffee flavours such as; cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, mocha’s and hot chocolates.

Go Green

Our Impact

Choose Muldoon’s Coffee, the greener and environmentally-friendly choice! As one of the greenest office coffee services from coast to coast, we solve the problem by not creating it in the first place. Don’t fall prey to other services offering an “environmental solution” to a problem that shouldn’t be.


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Bullfrog Powered green energy
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Muldoon's green initiatives

Environmentally friendly

Did You Know?

If you stack all the plastic pods we saved from being produced by offering Muldoon’s Singles, you could stack them all end to end and get the equivalent of 3,273 CN Towers.

Great brands coast to coast

Best-in-class variety

EST. 1991

25+ years
of experience.

Muldoon’s has built a foundation of ridiculously fresh coffee, innovative brewing systems, award winning customer care and will continue exceeding your expectations at every turn. 

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Find the latest news on everything Muldoon’s. Read our monthly blog on the freshest coffees, state-of-the-art brewing systems, and industry information you won’t find anywhere else.

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