Our proprietary and uniquely calibrated brewing equipment brings out the very best in our hand roasted coffees. And we’re happy to loan them to your office at no charge.

Unsure as to what solution you might need? Our team is trained to help you determine your office requirements and to provide you with recommendations. Whether you’re in Toronto, or in Barrie, we will be there.

Our brewing systems are tested for a full 24 hours before we install them in your office, making sure everything’s running smoothly and efficiently.



Coffees & Teas

Muldoon’s coffees taste great because they are slow-roasted in small batches and obsessively fine-tuned. Every roast is tested by our roast master; this care is a direct reflection of our dedication to our customers.

Our coffees come in a variety of roasts and flavours, from light to dark roasts.  Our fresh roasted estate coffees also blend well with specialty coffee flavours such as; cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, mochas and hot chocolates.

Muldoon's Singles and Coffee
Food and Snacks


Break Room


Muldoon’s Break Room Supplies provide your team with a much needed boost by not only offering
Ridiculously Fresh Coffee but also everything else ranging from Food and Snacks for energy to Office
Cleaning Supplies for keeping a clean office kitchen space.

In addition to Food and Snacks, we also provide Coffee Accessories, Cups, Serving Supplies and even
Vending for your drinks, food, and snacks.

Choose Muldoon’s today for your Break Room Supply Needs!




Muldoon’s doesn’t have delivery people; we have client service representatives – who also happen to deliver coffee to your office, whether in Toronto or anywhere else.

They’re knowledgeable and professional, having been factory-trained (here in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area)) to handle equipment issues, suggest coffee selections – and will go above and beyond to ensure you have quality coffee. Muldoon’s staff have the tools and time to do a proper job, and to stick around until you’re satisfied.

White Glove



Coffee Shop

Open Monday – Friday, 8:00AM to 5:30PM.

Closed Saturdays and Sundays.
Located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
Factory Store discounts of up to 25% below Retail on these and many other products:
Hand Roasted Coffee – Muldoon’s Coffee Singles – Keurig K-Cups – Tassimo T-Discs – Home Brewing & Espresso Systems


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