COVID-19 Action Plan

To our valued clients,

We are continuing to monitor developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Canada and around the world and we are following guidance from public health authorities for our preparedness efforts.

As you have likely heard by now, many provinces in March and April issued orders directing non-essential services to close until further notice. However in recent days the Ontario government has begun communicating next steps for re-opening the provincial businesses. In the interim, since we are a supplier to many essential first responding services, we are maintaining our operations for the roasting and distribution of Canada’s finest coffee and food products as well as for the servicing of our equipment.

Internally, Muldoon’s Craft Roasted Coffee has always adhered to the highest sanitary standards when crafting and packaging our Craft Roasted Coffee right within our premises in Mississauga, Ontario. In light of the current climate surrounding COVID-19 our Representatives and our Company are taking every step to ensure our employees, products, clients and general public are protected.

We have continued to review and update preventive measures which include:

  • Restrict Employee Travel – Muldoon’s has instructed all employees to restrict all travel arrangements outside of Canada . This began in January 2020 so we can assure our clients that we have avoided all exposure to COVID-19.
  • All current employees have their temperature taken before entering business premises including our CSR Drivers. All delivery drivers to the Muldoon’s facilities also have their temperature taken to avoid any risk of infection.
  • All employees are also scanned with a Pulse Oximeter to determine that their blood oxygen level is within normal parameters.
  • Providing all staff, internal and external with appropriate approved PPE
  • Thorough cleaning of our plant and warehousing facilities
  • Our warehouse and delivery CSR’s using Microban 24 Hour Disinfectant on our equipment and machines. Our research has shown this is an especially powerful but safe tool in combatting this virus
  • Successful establishment of social distancing protocols including office and workplace floor markings to determine safe distances
  • Perform constant workplace cleaning using one employee to clean all surfaces and maintain a sterile environment to drastically minimize risk of infection
  • Tracking all scheduled cleaning through checklists submitted to HR Manager
  • Our management have maintained constant communication with all staff, updating them of regularly updated procedures and the essential nature of taking any and all precautions during this season
  • Temporary closure of our on-site store since March 11, 2020 and complete restriction to our offices and warehouse to all visitors to minimize risk of contamination
  • Online ordering via is recommended. Customers may also call in or send their orders by email to our Field and Inside Sales Representatives.

We believe that in association with the communications from the Canadian government, the best approach to successfully navigating through this season will require a common sense approach. Calm heads, essential precautions, and understanding the value of clear communications internally and to our valued customers will serve us well and we want to assure you that any interruptions to service or the delivery of product will be only for the well-being of our customers and staff.

We share and echo the concerns of the Canadian business community and remain hopeful this virus can be contained and we can all work together in rebuilding and rising above the challenges we have all faced together.

Thank you for your continued partnership, support and understanding.