Green Brewer


Keeping it green? Introducing Newco’s ECO Series. This brewer incorporates a fresh water heat pump system that does not store a reserve of water like traditional tank systems. Only fresh cold water enters the system when the brew button is pressed which means less energy consumption and reduced wear on internal components. The ECO Series is an energy smart brewer that only consumes energy while it is brewing.

Optimized for
High Output

Professionally Calibrated

Stainless Steel Exterior

Available in
Multiple Sizes


Coffee Brewer

Fractional / Ground Coffee


Small: 19”H | Medium: 22”H | Full-Sized: 27”H (17”W x 27”D)


Traditional Button

Weight (Empty)

Small: 22 lb (10 kg) | Medium: 24 lb (11 kg) | Full-Sized: 27 lb (13 kg)

Voltage Rating

120v AC, 60 hz

Heater Wattage

1775 watts

Water System

Automatic (Pour Over & Plumbed In)

Ground Coffee


Fresh Ground Coffee with many different blends and flavours! Muldoon’s Ground Coffee offers the same great taste of Muldoon’s Whole Bean Coffee but in the convenient form of ground. You no longer need to manually grind whole bean coffee to use in your coffee brewing systems such as Baristas, instead, just fill up and brew. Great Tasting Coffee made easy!

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