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Singles Brewer

When it comes to coffee, everyone’s taste preferences are unique. One may enjoy a strong, bold cup of coffee while another prefers a bright, mild cup. No matter how each may enjoy their coffee, Fresh Cup always brews it to perfection and allows each cup to be specially brewed to three personal strengths: mild, medium or bold.

Touch Screen Display

Super Compact

100% Organic Waste

Hot Water For Teas


Coffee Brewer

Muldoon's Singles


18”H x 10”W x 19”D


Touch Screen Display

Weight (Empty)

33 lb (15 kg)

Voltage Rating

120v AC, 60 hz

Heater Wattage

1700 watts

Total Soluble Capacity

N / A

Muldoon's Singles

Ridiculously Fresh

Muldoon’s Singles are fresher than anything you’ve tasted before. Crafted with premium coffees from around the globe, with a large selection of unique blends and flavours, you’re sure to fall in love with the large variety of Singles we offer.

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