Innovation Total 1

Bean to Cup

The Total 1 is a top quality coffee machine that delivers delicious single serve coffee from the bean to your cup. Its selections of three whole beans, two solubles and milk powder guarantee the satisfaction of all clients, even the most demanding ones!

10.4" Touch Screen

Three Solubles

Three Beans

15+ Selections


Coffee Brewer

Whole Bean Coffee


19"H x 44"W x 28"D


10.4" Touch Screen

Weight (Empty)

145 lb (65 kg)

Voltage Rating

120v AC, 60 hz

Heater Wattage

1440 watts

Bean Capacity

4 lb, 4 lb, 2 lb

Soluble Capacity

5.5 lb, 5.5 lb, 1.4 lb

Whole Bean Coffee

Ridiculously Fresh

The cornerstone of any coffee aficionado’s arsenal, great tasting whole bean coffee, is an absolute staple in the office, or at home. Roasted in small batches, Muldoon’s Whole Bean Coffee is the heart and soul at Muldoon’s. With a wide range of flavours and blends, every cup is a journey to new levels of coffee bliss.

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