Office Cleaning Supplies

Office Cleaning Supplies


Clean break room leads to happy staff, fact. We provide you with all the essentials you and your team need to keep your office kitchen clean and tidy.

With virtually any cleaning item at your disposal you and your team will have an absolute breeze in keeping everything spotless. We can supply all the products listed below and more, just let us now, and we will find it for you!

Cleaning Supplies

Here are some of the many items we carry:

  • Soaps
    • Dish Soap
    • Hand Soap
    • Dishwasher Soap
    • Biodegradable Soap
    • Cleaning Detergent
    • + much more
  • Sink Supplies
    • Cleaning Sponges
    • Soap Wands
    • Paper Towels
    • + much more
  • Cleaners
    • Counter Surface Cleaner
    • Boardroom Table Cleaner
    • Floor Cleaner
    • Pot Cleaner
    • + much more